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Introduction EFP 55 SSG Concealed Window

EFP 55 SSG window system is a top hung or side hung window by means of friction hinges or friction stays available in single or double glass units.

The integrated curtain wall window system EFP 55 SSG, frames and vents are developed with and without thermal barier.

Currently available:

Non thermally broken, double glass:

  • EFP 55 SSG, 94mm deep frame

Thermally broken, double glass:

  • EFP 55 SSG, Class 1.0 for standard CW
  • EFP 55 SSG, Class 2.1 for standard CW
  • EFP 55 SSG, Class 2.1 for 2 an 4 sided SSG CW
Specification summary:

  • GlazingThe system is glazed from the outside, structurally bonded to the moving frame (window vent). Glass should conform the requirements of BS 6262 for thickness and type, in terms of wind resistance, safety and security.
  • DrainageThe system is pressure equalised, drained, achieved by meeting the requirements of “ventilated and drained glazing system” as specified in BS 6262
  • Thermal insulationClassification in accordance with DIN 4108 or EN ISO 10077-1
  • Thermally broken window: The thermal transmittance ( Uf ) W/m2 K, is depending on the insulator strip, calculated as per EN ISO 10077-1. Comparable with class 1.0 or 2.1 DIN 4108-4 Table 3
  • Sound insulationDepending largely upon the glass specification, generally the curtain wall framing reduces the figure by 2db (A)
  • MaterialsThe system is constructed from extruded aluminium profiles, using alloy 6063 complying the requirements of BS 1474. The thermal barrier system is achieved by means of PA Glasfiber reinforced extrusion.
  • ConstructionAny instructions regarding the manufacture and installation of the system must be strictly adhered to.
  • WeatheringGlazing vision strips are made of EPDM conforming to BS 4255 Part 1.
  • Performance / exposure categoryThe system will achieve the following criteria when manufactured, installed and glazed to EFP recommended procedures.
  • Classifications
    • Air permeability: BS EN 12207 – Class 4
    • Water tightness: BS EN 12208 – Class E 750
    • Wind resistance: BS EN 13116 – 2400 Pa design – 3600 Pa safety
    • 2400 Pa (Pascal’s) is dependant upon correct mullion and transom selection to suit span and spacing by project.
  • Size limitationsThe size limitation of the system depends mainly on the hardware used. Please advice our office for more details.
EFP 55 SSG tb Capped HP EFP 55 SSG tb EFP 55 SSG Non tb
Some other examples of EFP 50 Curtain Wall & EFP 55 SSG window systems
EFP 55 SSG tb HP EFP 55 SSG tb EFP 55 SSG Non tb