Ventilated Façade Substructures

The EFP 50 HPPS System is a unique, high performance cladding substructure system which enables the construction of attractive cladding projects based on the principles of rainscreen façade technology. This with a panel joint of 15mm only! The joints can be covered by extruded joint profiles made of EPDM, silicone or aluminium.

The system, pressure equalized, mullion drained and thermally broken is designed for various substructures like ACP, Terracotta or stone panels. The 50mm wide mullions and transoms are suitable for sloped and vertical facades.

Recently EFP developed a new cladding substructure system with an open joint of 12mm only. The panels can be easily installed with the adjustable sliding brackets, which are sliding into the guide profiles. There are various guide profiles available either with box- or T shapes and they are suitable for every application, like blind walls or floor to floor spans. 



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