The architect’s choice…EFP’s solution

Further to the EFP 50 Regular Curtain Wall Systems EFP developed a complete Skylight System. The combination of rafters, transoms and dome ridges creates the concept!

EFP Skylights are special developed for the use without any steel support structure. EFP made an elliptical sphere with a major axis of 21 meters!

Skylights allow for natural light to penetrate through the roof. The tried-and-tested EFP Skylight Systems allow for customizable variable designs to be executed efficiently and reliably, either structurally glazed or with cover caps.

The main advantages of our skylight systems are:

  • Variable glass thickness.
  • Completely compatible with EFP curtain walls.
  • 50mm face width profiles.
  • Possibility of having operable vents.

Al Khiran Outlet mall, Kuwait