EFP 50 TSV and EFP 60 TSV CURTAIN WALL system enables the construction of attractive 2 sided structural glazed curtain walling, with the benefits of slim vertical (TSV) sightlines or if desired horizontal design features by using different cover caps.

This thermally insulated system consist of many of standard profiles and many custom made profiles are available up on request.

Specification summary:

EFP 50 TSV is a pressure equalised, mullion drained, thermally broken curtain wall system which consists of 50 mm wide mullions and transoms.

The external horizontal sightline (Joint seal) is 20mm. The joint seal is made of extruded EPDM or Silicone, compatible with most silicone sealants, optional this joint can also be made out of silicone sealant. Various cover caps are available for this system. The smallest sight line can be achieved using a 50mm wide cap. Cover caps have a typical edge radius of 1.5mm for even distribution of the powder coating layer.

EFP 60 TSV With an increasing demand for larger vertical and horizontal spans a range of high static value mullions and transoms with a sightline of 60 mm.

  • One substructure for all curtain wall types (RCW-TSH-TSV-FSS)
  • Use of same components and gaskets

Glazing   The system is glazed from the outside. Glass should conform the requirements of BS 6262 for thickness and type, in terms of wind resistance, safety and security.

Drainage   The system is mullion drained, achieved by meeting the requirements of “Ventilated and drained glazing system” as specified in BS 6262

Thermal insulation   Standard configuration: Class 2.1 in accordance with DIN 4108 (2.0-2.8 W m2 K) or EN ISO 10077-1. The thermal transmittance (Uf) W/m2 K, is depending on the insulator strip, this as calculated as per EN ISO 10077-1. Comparable with class 2.1 DIN 4108-4 Table 3

Sound insulation   Depending largely upon the glass specification, generally the curtain wall framing reduces the figure by 2dB(A)

Materials   The system is constructed from extruded aluminium profiles, using alloy 6063 complying the requirements of BS 1474.The thermal barrier system is achieved by means of PVC/PP extrusion.

Construction   Any instructions regarding the manufacture and installation of the system must be strictly adhered to.

Weathering   Glazing vision strips are made of EPDM conforming to BS 4255 Part 1.

Performance / exposure category   The system will achieve the following criteria when manufactured, installed and glazed to EFP recommended procedures.


  • Air permeability: BS EN 12152 – Class AE 750
  • Water tightness: BS EN 12154 – Class RE 750
  • Wind resistance: BS EN 13116 – 2400 Pa design – 3600 Pa safety
  • 2400 Pa is dependent upon correct mullion and transom selection to suit span and spacing by project.

Size limitations   The size limitation of the system depends mainly on the mullion/transom members used to suit the span, spacing and wind/dead loads, which are specific for each individual project.