Nakheel Tower Riyadh

ClientAbdulah Al Ajlan
ConsultantArchitect Abdoulah M Al Abdoul Kareem| AMS|FTC
ContractorTarouk Cont
SystemEFP 65.2 Unitised Curtain Wall|Sphere EFP 50 FSS CW (self-supporting, no steel!)|Slope Area EFP 50 FSS Regular (bespoke) CW

Project info

When installation can be done by a minimum number of people and without the use of complicated scaffolding and expensive cranes then the advantages are there! On average, a team will be able to install about 300 m2 per shift, that makes the EFP 65 Unitised System the perfect solution!


  • Factory made units gives optimum quality
  • Short installation time with minimum site staff
  • 3 barrier, drained and pressure equalised
  • Thermally insulated
  • Continuous horizontal centre seal so hardly NO use of sealant required on site
  • Tested and certified
  • Custom made (bespoke) solutions