RP Heights

ClientRP Global
ConsultantArif & Bintoak
ContractorGulf Asia Contracting Co. LLC
SystemEFP 50 RCW horizontally and vertically capped EFP 55tb SSG concealed windows EFP 55tb doors Podium: EFP 50 FSS, EFP 55tb doors


RP Heights, a 50-storey residential tower is located within Downtown Dubai and opposite The Dubai Mall. With 204 meter in height this project is executed by EFP’s authorised fabricator for the UAE, Wall Technology LLC.

The distinctive character of the building demands the that the highest and best is used both economically as operationally. The choice has been made for EFP 50 RCW, a mullion drained thermally broken curtain wall system which consist of 50mm wide mullions and transoms and with horizontally and vertically positioned cover caps. Thermally broken concealed windows and doors are fully integrated into the curtain wall. For this high-end residential building a PVDF coating with superior colour and gloss retention was required.