SKG-IKOB test results


The increasing demand for large and heavy duty sliding systems with broad view are particularly noticeable in high-rise buildings. Here, of course, high requirements are needed for wind and water tightness, static safety, as well as insulation values. For this reason EFP is proud to announce that the EFP 55 sliding window & door system has been successfully tested with a lift and slide mechanism. The test has been executed under auspices of SKG-IKOB, as Initial Type Testing (ITT) Institute, based on European standards. The EFP 55 thermally broken Lift & Slide system achieved the following classification:

Air permeability according EN 12207                    Class 3

Water tightness: 9A according EN 12208              Class 9A

Resistance to wind load according EN 12210     Class C3

The EFP 55 tb Lift and Sliding system passed the air and water tightness pressure of 600 Pa!

The system did not show any distortion during the 1800 Pa static safety test.

Further technical characteristics of the EFP 55tb Lift and Sliding System:

  • High-quality pulley with ball-bearing wheels.
  • Stainless steel sliding track which provides a long lifetime.
  • Suitable for glass thicknesses up to 40mm
  • Sash weight up to 400 kg


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