Unitised Curtain Wall system

Nowadays, construction requires faster lead times and the risk of failures must be reduced to a minimum. The logistical challenges are huge as traffic requires an optimum just-in-time principle. When installation can be done by a minimum number of people and without the use of complicated scaffolding and expensive cranes then the advantages are there! On average, a team will be able to install about 300 m2 per shift, that makes the EFP 65 Unitised System the perfect solution!

Various external features like cover caps, integrated canopies, solar panels or stone panel solutions are available for the system. Concealed windows can be fully integrated to create possibilities of natural ventilation without the aspect of window bars.


  • Factory made units gives optimum quality
  • Short installation time with minimum site staff
  • 3 barrier, drained and pressure equalised
  • Thermally insulated
  • Continuous horizontal centre seal so hardly any use of sealant required on site
  • Tested and certified
  • Custom made (bespoke) solutions

Glass thickness:


Thermal insulation:

Sound isolation:

Wind resistance:

Water tightness:

Air infiltration:

24mm up to 68mm; glazing according BS 6262

mullion drained and pressure equalised as specified in BS 6262

class 2.1 in accordance with EN ISO 10077-1

depending largely upon the glass spec, the frame reduces the figure about 2dB(A)

-2400 Pa design- 3300 Pa safety – according ASTM E 330

up to 1200 Pa cyclic pressure (AS/NZS 4284) and static according ASTM E 331

according ASTM E 283

Typical stack joint

Typical frame detail

Dry glazed transom (toggle cleated) & SG bonded transom